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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I charge my laptop / iPad?

  • We recommend charging your laptop / iPad each night.  This will ensure that it is fully charged, ready for use, in the morning.

How often should I restart my laptop / iPad?

  • We recommend starting your laptop / iPad once per day, before placing the device on the charger.  This helps to ensure that the device will be in optimal operating condition for the next day.

How do I restart my iPad?

  • To restart an iPad, press and hold the power button and the round home button simultaneously.  The screen will turn black and after a moment, an Apple logo will appear.  When the logo appears, release both buttons.  Wait for the device to finish starting.

How do I restart my laptop?

  • To restart a Windows computer, click the Start button in the taskbar (lower left), click the power menu and then click the restart option.  Agree to any onscreen prompts.  Wait for the device to restart and finish starting.