Superintendent's Page

Brian Smith

Meet the New Superintendent — Brian Smith

A lot of exciting things lie in the future for this District and community.  The last few weeks have flown by and I have tried to inundate myself into all aspects of the district.  Mr. Myers took Mrs. Camacho and myself on a District tour a couple of weeks ago.  We have a vast array of students we have to reach.  These students’ daily lives are marked by hardship, but they persevere. This should inspire empathy so that we can listen and imagine those that are less fortunate.

My family is adjusting to the move.  They have enjoyed meeting a large number of you this summer.  If you have not met my crew, I have three children, Jordan (9th Grade), Taylor (7th) and Audrey (4th), and my wife, Nissa. NIssa and I have been married for 17 years and she has accepted an elementary special education position at Neodesha. 

As for myself, I have basically done everything one could imagine in a school system.  Working for three small districts, we had to wear many hats; we put countless hours in, for our students.  Whenever, Whatever, and Whomever needed help or what needed to be done we stepped up to the challenge, custodial, maintenance, food service, or covering for a colleague.  I have help start new programs and taught and trained some fantastic people in my career.  I graduated from Kansas State with two undergraduate degrees in secondary education and another in geography.  After meeting my administrative team, I understood quickly, they needed to go back to an elementary art class to blending colors.  Red and blue blend nicely into purple, we will work on that during our early administrative meetings.

I have enjoyed working and meeting new people in each of the districts I have been associated with.  I spent seven years in Argonia as their JH/HS math teacher and athletic director.  While my children were young, I completed my Masters in School Leadership at Friends University.  After completing that program, I was recruited to head to Wilson as their K-12 principal, those eight years went by very quickly.  We made that school a family, everyone helped everyone, and we hired great people, which were great teachers as an added benefit.  Nissa and I made a difficult decision to leave Wilson when my father became ill, to take the Superintendent / Principal at Centre two years ago, to be closer to them.  USD #397 was a good district, but being the only administrator was taxing.  This opportunity presented itself and we are excited about this chapter of our lives.        

As this year begins and as you heard throughout the spring if I had the opportunity to speak with you, Character is critical.  I believe to be successful, one must exhibit these characteristics, HONESTY, TRUSTWORTHINESS, RESPONSIBILITY, RESPECT, CITIZENSHIP and CARING.   A couple of people that quickly come to mind when I think of people of character, Pat Tillman, Mike Kryzewski, President Eisenhower and Sherron Watkins.  Everyone wants positive role models, how do you want to be remembered.  Life is short, focus on affecting change within yourself, your school and your community.  Think about these when we build relationships with each other, with our students, and when we meet new people. 

As we move into the next era of public education, we will continue to have its ups and downs.  This profession and this school district have wonderful people with their number one goal being the students.  As challenges present themselves, we must be willing to step up to the challenge for our KIDS.  I am look forward to a great year; we will make this district, together, the best.

All it takes is a serious effort to put forth our very best, day in and day out.  If we approach life with work ethic and sense of responsibility as the people listed above, it would be amazing to see the differences each of us could make.